Plastic System

Domain Training for Interior Plastic System

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Interior Plastic System Training Details

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Plastic Product Design

  • Plastics overview
  • Plastic Material types and properties
  • Plastic part design thumb rules for design of ribs, bosses and gussets.
  • Vehicle interior system
  • Hard trims and soft trims difference
  • Types of snaps
  • Types of locators
  • Gap Flush requirements
  • Heat stake design
  • Sonic Welding
  • Homologation study done by OEM's 16



Plastic Tool Design

  • Injection Molding Process
  • Description of Mold features like mug, runners, gate design and types.
  • Defects in Plastic parts and ways to overcome them.
  • Die Draw and its importance
  • Shutoff angle
  • Parting Line



Plastic CAD Best Practices

  • Best CAD methodologies to be followed when designing plastic parts